Business Profile Miller Africa Towing Equipment

Miller Industries is the world’s largest provider of vehicle towing and recovery equipment systems with executive offices in the USA situated in Atlanta, Georgia and manufacturing operations in Tennessee, Pennsylvania as well as France and England. Miller Industries markets its Towing and Recovery Equipment under the well known Century, Challenger, Holmes, Champion, Eagle, Chevron, Vulcan, Jige and Bonniface Brand names.

William Miller called “Bill” by clients and associates formed Miller Industries in the early 1990’s. By simply consolidating smaller companies in the industry and restructuring brand names he soon consolidated Century, Challenger and Holmes International.

Holmes was the first company to be purchased by Mr. Miller. Thereafter Challenger and Century followed and Miller Industries were set to become the world leader in the towing and recovery industry.

Miller Africa Towing Equipment was the brainchild of Mr. Louwrens Riekert, MD and owner of Rieks Towing, a well-known towing company based in Pretoria, South Africa, operating for 25 years with a client base throughout Southern Africa. Twenty years ago Mr. Riekert decided on Century equipment after a thorough investigation all over the world of towing and recovery equipment and by using the product for 19 years it proved itself durable and reliable in his diverse fleet of vehicles operating through the harsh African standards.

Being a valued Century customer and friend throughout the years before and after the Miller Group was formed Mr. Riekert decided to start supplying the local market with equipment manufactured by Miller Industries and registered Rieks Towing Equipment as a company. Miller Africa Towing Equipment was established after application was approved by the Miller Industries board for Mr. Riekert to be the sole supplier of Miller Industries products in Southern Africa.

Many products throughout the range has since then been imported from the US to the continent and distributed to clients ranging from towing companies to government departments in South Africa and neighboring countries. After sales service and maintenance is kept at the high standard of Miller Industries in the US and is repeated in South Africa by personnel that has many years of hands on experience on the equipment as well as the operation thereof and has been trained in the US and locally by Miller personnel. Training on all the equipment purchased locally can and has been provided to owners and operators on towing and recovery equipment.

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